Travels so Far : Mar 2002 - Mar 2009

I left South Africa and headed across the South Atlantic. My first landfall was the island of St Helena. where I spent a few weeks drying out, then on to Ascension Island and arrived in Brazil at the port of Cabedelo, where I anchored at Jacaré.

I interrupted my solo cruise by crewing for Pete Hill on his junk "China Moon" for a trip down to Tierra del Fuego.

After returning about 8 months later, I set off on my own again heading towards the Caribbean. My first stop was in French Guyana and then on to Trinidad and Tobago.

I had a slow few months enjoying Grenada, the Grenadines and Bequia and then realized I would have to return to Trinidad for the hurricane season.

Once the danger of hurricanes was over it was on at a faster pace through the Windward Islands making stops at Nevis, St Kitts, St Barts and the Virgin Islands.

Next destination was Bermuda en route to Newport, Rhode Island and then down Long Island Sound, through New York city, the New Jersey Coast, Delaware Bay, Chesapeake Bay where I spent a season in Baltimore before heading down the ICW to Florida and the Bahamas

From the Bahamas I circled back to Bermuda and Newport and again down the waterway, this time leaving from Beaufort, North Carolina to head across the North Atlantic to the Azores.

I had a wonderful time cruising slowly down from Flores in the Azores stopping at most of the islands and then on to Madeira and the Canary Islands. I waited in Lanzerote for Pete Hill to fly in and join me for the trip back across the Atlantic to Brazil via the Cape Verde Islands

Pete left me in Recife and after backtracking to Jacaré for mast repairs I worked my way down the coast and spent the winter of 2008 in Baia da Ilha Grande

After leaving Ilha Grande I sailed south towards Buenos Aires stopping at as many interesting places as I could manage on the wonderful Costa Verde which stretches roughly from a bit north of Rio de Janeiro almost down to Florianopolis. Then a longish stretch with awful weather to La Paloma in Uruguay and on again stopping at Punte del Este, Buceo and Colonia before crossing the Rio de la Plata to San Isidro on the Rio Lujan close to Buenos Aires.